About Us

The Administrative Process Review Committee (APRC) formed in response to goal 4 of the University’s Strategic Plan, “Enhance organizational excellence by creating a culture of constant improvement.” In its commitment to constant process improvement, the APRC works collaboratively across campus to identify and evaluate opportunities for efficiency improvement and cost reduction. The Committee serves as a conduit for faculty, staff and students to suggest changes in administrative processes.

Anyone can contact the APRC by reaching out to a Committee member or completing the online form to offer an idea of a needed improvement or suggestion for a way to improve an existing process on campus. No idea is too small or too large. The APRC has provided suggestions on ways to enhance communication for greater transparency all the way to recommending a new position be created to better serve campus customer needs. You can read more about the APRC’s work in Completed ProjectsCurrent Projects, and Communication.

APRC Committee Members
The APRC reports to Charles D. Leffler, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business, and is comprised of faculty and staff members.

Current Committee Members

How the ARPC was Established
The APRC was created in July 2011 based on the recommendation of the Strategic Planning Resource Strategies Task Force and via a charge from Charles D. Leffler, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business.

Read the Committee Charge.